About the Box

Many of us have come across or own a cardboard box sitting up on the wardrobe, a wooden chest on the floor, or an old tin tucked safely away filled with nik naks, newspaper clippings, magazines or photos of a time gone by.

This page aims to sweep away the cobwebs and blow away the dust so that the stories and history of the past can once again be shared with the world.

Contact Me

If you would like to make contact with me, please email: jessicabarratt@outlook.comΒ or, alternatively, use the form below:

3 thoughts on “About the Box

  1. Hi Just been reading your posts and looking through your Facebook page. Lovely stories and snippets and adverts. I have a blog, web site and FB page for the history of the people and places of the Goldfields of Western Australia. I usually post on the FB page daily and about two articles on my blog each week. Would love to share any items that you think will fit your theme. Bye for now and best of luck, Moya !! http://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com http://www.outbackfamilyhistory.com.au


    1. Hi Moya! I’m glad you’re enjoying The Dusty Box’s posts. πŸ™‚ Feel free to share any items you come across. I don’t have a theme as such but I guess it’s along the lines of what things you could find within an old tin or box which are interesting and unusual. I.e. weird ads, strange stories, etc. I’ll keep an eye out of interesting Goldfields stories and will be sure to tag your page if I find some. πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Jess, I will indeed do that, have you seen the facebook page ‘Odd Australia History’ if I have unusual items I often post on their page. Maybe you might like these stories:-


    Bye for now


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